Product Map

Strategy Product Fund / Vehicle
GCC GCC Equities UCITS (Lux) D&R AMWAL UCITS GCC Equity Fund
GCC GCC Equities GCC Al Hayer Fund
Qatar Qatar Equities Qatar Gate Fund
Qatar Qatar Equities (Sharia compliant) Al Beit Al Mali Fund
Long & Short Equities MENA Equities Managed Account
Bonds and Sukuk MENA & Fixed Income Managed Account
Balanced (Equities, Bonds and Sukuk) Balanced Portfolio Managed Account
Capital Protected Portfolio GCC Capital Protected Note Managed Account
Cash Deposit Corporate Deposits Managed Account
Private Equity Select Global Opportunities SPC / SPV

What we Offer

  • We offer bespoke asset allocation advisory services for institutions, family offices and high net worth investors.
  • For retail investors,
    Amwal offers its Qatar equities strategy through Ahli Bank’s Qatar Gate Fund and its GCC equities strategy through Doha Bank’s Al Hayer GCC Fund.
  • For institutional investors,
    our managed account structure offers a flexible, cost-effective and discreet solution.
  • We have the experience to manage investment strategies across G.C.C Sharia and conventional investors.